Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Recovery


As a professional experienced with alcohol and drug addiction, you know those struggling with this debilitating disease face a long journey towards sobriety – one that requires a customized, leading-edge recovery program with a personalized approach. Unfortunately, there are few programs today that go above and beyond the standardized treatment formula to improve the odds for long-term sobriety. That's why Enterhealth, a premier alcohol and drug addiction recovery center, with its proven therapeutic approaches, neurology, technology, and leading anti-addiction medications, is earning a reputation as the better way to recover.

Here are just a few reasons why Enterhealth stands out from more traditional alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs. To learn more on how Enterhealth can help you and your clients, call 800.388.4601 or visit us at enterhealth.com.

Reason 1: Neuro therapy. In order to help clients overcome physical trauma to the brain caused by addiction, Enterhealth utilizes neurological therapy techniques. This integration of state-of-the-art diagnostics of the brain with clinical therapies involves an MRI to assess any damage caused to the brain by alcohol and/or drug use, an EEG to assess risk level of seizure, and a written neuro-psych test to check for cognitive brain function loss. The results of this evaluation support a personalized treatment plan.

Reason 2: Anti-addiction medications. Rather than rely on talk therapy alone, Enterhealth offers clients access to the latest, most effective anti-addiction medications such as Suboxone, Campral, and Vivitrol. This can help not only repair damage to the brain caused by alcohol and drug use, but also reduce cravings, providing them the opportunity to more fully participate and benefit from treatment.

Reason 3: Length of stay. In contrast to most residential treatment facilities that offer a typical length of stay of 28-30 days, Enterhealth recommends a customized length of stay based on the client's unique needs and recovery progress. This better ensures the client has the tools they need to continue sobriety post residential treatment.

Reason 4: Dual diagnosis. The Enterhealth facility is designed to diagnosis and treat both the addiction as well as other mental health disorders – which in most cases is what creates the desire for alcohol or drugs in the first place. By treating the mental disorder in tandem, typically with personalized, private therapy, the odds for relapse are greatly reduced.

Reason 5: Wellness emphasis. Enterhealth's personalized wellness program includes individual time with a trainer as well as a dietician to address physical and dietary patterns that are recommended for balance and healthy living.

Reason 6: Balance of group & private therapy. The Enterhealth facility is limited to 16 clients, offering an industry-low therapist-to-client ratio of 1:3. This intimate setting allows more focus to be placed on individualized, one-on-one therapy, while also supporting a menu of both small and large group therapies.

Reason 7: Post Residential Support. As your clients transitioned back to your care from the residential addiction treatment program, Enterhealth’s online Life Care program can assist them in continued recovery through access of Enterhealth's online recovery tools 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

We invite you to schedule a tour and meet our team. To learn more about what makes Enterhealth a better way to recovery and how it can help your clients, call 800.388.4601 or visit us at www.enterhealth.com

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