Friday, April 25, 2008

Drug Rehab Takes a Look at Meth and Addiction

In some parts of this country meth abuse is a large concern. Where there should be concern, the problem with meth abuse is spreading. While the numbers or meth related problems are still small compared to prescription drugs and marijuana, it is on a slow and steady rise. You don't here of the meth problem too often as an 'epidemic' like the crack cocaine problem of the 80's and 90's. However it is still a growing issue and a concern for drug treatment facilities. Many drug rehab programs are seeing an increase of clientele with meth addiction problems.

The street names of meth are amp, crank, glass, jibb, and speed. Methamphetamine is classified as a stimulant. Stimulant drugs heighten awareness, stimulate the senses, and increases the functions of the brain and body. This creates a side effect of hyper activity, a suppressed appetite and results in staying awake. Stimulants are fast acting. To maintain the sensation of meth in the system, a person can fuel up on the drug to maintain the high. When introduced to the central nervous system, a build up of dopamine is created. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter in the brain responsible for feelings of pleasure. The build up of dopamine results in a sensation of euphoria. It is this euphoric sensation that often times develops into increased use, abuse and addiction.

People can begin taking meth for harmless reasons. A student can take the drug to stay awake to study. Athletes have been known to take methamphetamines to have a heightened awareness for performance. As an appetite suppressant, a young woman concerned about her looks, may begin taking meth to lose weight. Over time such practices can result into an abuse and addiction of the drug. Meth addiction can be so difficult that a form of drug rehab becomes the only way out of the problem.

There are many forms of methamphetamine. The pharmaceutical version comes in pill and powder forms from super labs overseas. Growing in popularity in regions of the country is a homemade form of methamphetamine known as crystal meth. Crystal meth is a crystallized rock form of the stimulant that is smoked, similar to crack cocaine. This form of crystal meth is created through a chemical reaction of common store bought pharmacy products. This chemical reaction however is highly potent, hazardous and deadly. Often the result, a clandestine lab used for making crystal meth is deemed uninhabitable, due to the chemical residue in the building. To slow down the increase in this homemade meth, preventative measures and awareness has been raised. Most retail chains that sell these products work with law enforcement in educating their employees on suspicious purchases of products used to create crystal meth.

Meth, in any form, is highly addictive. It is so addictive that for the majority of meth addicts out there, it takes intensified treatment from an addiction and drug rehab program. The physical effects of meth addiction are equally as damaging to the body. Drug rehabs have quite the task when it comes to a meth addict. Treatment is often needed for the physical struggle of meth addiction, as well as the psychological and emotional. With the right help and treatment even the most difficult cases of meth addiction can be overcome. Information was provided by Cirque Lodge. Cirque Lodge is a private addiction treatment program in the mountains of Sundance Utah, dedicated to raising awareness of the treatment of meth addiction.

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