Friday, July 13, 2007

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs Uncovered!

It appears that there's an increasing amount of people who suffer from alcohol and drug related addictions. I’m not sure if the problem is actually worse than it used to be or whether folks are just more honest about it these days, but it’s a major crisis nonetheless. Hi everyone, my name is Bob and I'm an Alcoholic and pharmaceutical drug addict in recovery. I never found my way to the doors of the alcohol and drug treatment programs, but I wished to god I had, and the reasons are obvious.

Those who face up to their problems and admit complete defeat have overcome the biggest hurdle of recovery, which is admitting they are powerless over their drug of choice and that their life has become somewhat unmanageable as a consequence. Heaven knows we addicts have tried long enough and hard enough to kick our habits, but will-power alone and a fierce determination to stop did little to help. Drug alcohol addiction, or any serious addiction come to that, often means those who suffer could do with a bit of a kick start onto that road of recovery, and this is where the alcohol and drug treatment programs really come into their own.

Do I Need Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs?

Only you are able to answer that. If you're reading this introduction, then there's a chance that either you or someone you know, is having problems with drugs or alcohol. If you're not sure whether that person is an addict of not, you might want to read our short piece entitled, 'What is Drug Addiction', for which there is a link above this page (Addictions). By the way, just in case you were wondering, alcohol classes as a drug too.

For me personally, even when I’d admitted defeat to myself, it still took a while to finally put a plug in the jug and a lid on the pills. I found the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous a great help and I can't say enough good about those guys and their 12 step program of action. But for me those rooms had a revolving door and I was in and out a fair bit before I finally got the message. That message was that there was nothing in my life today that a drink of drug could possibly make better. On the contrary, the longer I stayed out there the worse it got. If I hadn't been so stubborn, and checked myself into one of the fine alcohol and drug treatment programs, I could have saved myself and those closest to me, years of countless turmoil.

But it takes what it takes, and all I'm saying here is that there are so many free alcohol rehab programs around for drug alcohol addiction, (and many more paid options for those who can afford to be selective), that it's just crazy not to check in and get a head start in recovery. It really is a tragedy to see addicts suffering unnecessarily, while at the same time destroying their lives and the lives of those around them. If this is you and you've hit your rock bottom, or you're just sick and tired of being sick and tired, then why not check out the free drug rehab centers or alcohol support centers in you're neighborhood.

This is the twenty first century, and no one, and I mean no one, need to go through the physical and emotional ringer for any longer than they choose to. There is so much help and support for recovering alcoholics and drug addicts, that it's just impossible not to find some kind of drug and alcohol rehabilitation program near your home.

What if I don't Qualify for Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs!

If you say you're an alcoholic and or drug addict, then you are. These kinds of addictions are the only form of illness where we diagnose ourselves. But if for some reason you don't feel you belong in the alcohol and drug treatment programs, or perhaps you feel them to be a little extreme in your case, then simply go along to any AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meeting and see if you connect.

The only requirement for membership at these anonymous meetings is a genuine desire to stop drinking or drugging. You will be welcomed with opened arms and nurtured back to health by those in the group if you want their help. There are no dues of fees for these memberships as they are self supporting through their own contributions. There's usually an endless pot of coffee and plates full of cookies too, which all add to the informal, friendly, and relaxeed atmosphere to what is otherwise a serious program.

So you see, the alcohol drug treatment centers are not a necessity for getting clean and sober, they are simply there to support those that have tried all other measures to quit but failed. Alcohol rehab programs, and the anonymous fellowships are by no means the only way people have gotten themselves cleaned up and back into a free and sober lifestyle, but they are the only ones I have any experience and authority to write about, evaluate, and respect.

If I kick drug alcohol addiction, what will become of me?

This is a real classic and a question asked by many newcomers into sobriety! So many active drunks and addicts have convinced themselves that their recurring compulsion to indulge in more of the same has at least given them some escape, or comfort in day to day living. Look folks, most of us take mind altering substances because we want to change the way we feel. We don't cope too well with sobriety so we opt for comfortably numb or just plain out of it!

We have a tendency to magnify any negative thoughts and minimize positive ones. Drugs and alcohol, for most of us, has silenced that storm from raging in our heads. We think that the moment we stop drinking of drugging, we shall become the hole in the donut, a life full of nothingness being lived by a nobody! Well, I literally know 100's of recovered aditcts and drunks and nothing could be further from the truth. Sure it's the end of your life. It's the end of your old life and the start of a new one. A life that you never dreamed possible if you just give yourself a break!

Sobriety is great and I'm grateful for it, but it only comes to those who really want it. If you're ready to get into action and take that first step in whatever drug or alcohol treatments you decide upon, this moment right here and now, could be the turning point you've yearned for, for so long.


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