Saturday, April 21, 2007

Do not try this at home...

I am a trained professional Internet Recovery Specialist. I own Internet Domain Names. I have aspirations to become the Montel Williams of the Cyber Recovery Niche. In the process, should you cross my path and you have what I want (namely groovy html and php skills), I will compliment you, maybe even offer you a business partnership, all the while appropriating your codes for myself. I will offer you responsibilities in my online community. But should your opinions differ from mine, should you refuse to do things my way, or should you have the audacity to not like me no matter what, I will dump you like blind lightning from our business partnership, rendering nil the work you have already done for me.

So beware.
I am a Trained Internet Recovery Specialist.
And you can copyright that... (sic)

tongue in cheek drive by courtesy of yours truly, D.E

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